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As an engineering manager at Zendesk (NYSE:ZEN, 3,500+ employees) in San Francisco, CA, I work with my teams of 10+ engineers on Custom Objects, part of the new Sunshine CRM Platform.

Custom Objects is a scalable database as a service for Zendesk customers, built on Kubernetes, Go, Scala, AWS Aurora MySQL and Elasticsearch. My teams (including a tech lead and a manager reporting to me) are in charge of the features development, and operationalization and infrastructure of the service, with the support of our product manager.

Previous experiences:
  • Leading engineering at Fidzup, an ad-tech startup that raised $3.5m in Paris, France. On a day to day basis, I lead our teams of 8 in backend development (Ruby, Postgres, Mongodb), frontend/mobile (JS, Android, iOS) and hardware (Wifi beacons).
  • Developing a large scale tool at 8tracks (an online radio similar to Pandora) in San Francisco, to import audio tracks from partners using AWS S3 and Redshift, and improving the backend performance (web and mobile API) for their millions of users

Back in 2000 I learned PHP, created personal and commercial websites and been involved in several projects (creating IRC network communities, non profits for web-hosting).

I discovered Ruby on Rails in 2009 and was the first intern and then employee at Nimble Apps (Paris, France), doing Rails and Javascript (jQuery).